Mark Coulson

London, United Kingdom

Mark's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Mark

My wife and I are co-founders of a new start up that's going live later in Q1 2016. It's an internet based business in the Travel & Tourism Sector, I can't reveal too much at this point but of course will do with the right candidate. The Business model is to go Global over time, we're building our own bespoke platform to enable this.

We are a co-founding team of 3, incorporating background in Mgmt consultancy, negotiation and contract law. We are also blessed with an exceptional Technical co-founder, and a further team of developers who are excellent.

What we are missing is someone that really has the Digital Marketing & Sales background to form the team, ideally with Start up experience. She/He has to understand how to really utilise social media channels, to build a brand awareness and loyalty, and to really understand how to define and connect with the audience online.

Crucially, we're looking for the right character, the right fit. We are extremely passionate and excited, we need our co-founders to be the equal of this. We can't carry anyone on this journey, we need you to be self-motivated, trustworthy, ambitious and of course someone that is personable and a team player. There's no room for arrogance or egos !

The product we sell is based around couples and romance (e.g a bit like Sandals Resorts to provide guidance) so it would help for the right candidate to be in a settled long term relationship of their own, to enable them to understand the audience and how to communicate to them. It's not a pre-requisite, it's just an advantage.

Like all good start ups, it'll take some time to generate sufficient revenues to enable us to become salaried employees. We'll be able to offer the right candidate a slice of equity in return for their efforts and commitments, and we'll be limiting our expectations here to 10 or so hours per week of their personal time to invest. Its realistic they could hold down a full time paying job whilst also contributing to the team for the first 6-12 months.

Look forward to finding the right person

Mark & Caroline