Mark Kogan


New York, New York, US

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Product Management

About Mark

**NEW** KoganApps, LLC has recently launched a turnkey service called Preferred Ventures (PrefVentures) which will allow first-time, aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs to market themselves to angel investors, venture capitalists and crowdfunding sources; tailor business plans and financial models; build MVP mockups and wireframes; conduct SEO+digital marketing; and benefit from other value-added activities. Signup page coming soon.

9+ years building software, with a particular focus on fin-tech and financial services. Have worked with quant hedge funds, PE firm, partnered with former heads of investment firms and handful of fin-tech companies, as well as renowned serial entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. Work has been featured in Bloomberg, WSJ and Business Insider.

Looking to collaborate with top advisers and business founders from a variety of industries to provide end-to-end software development and technical advisory services. Have a global network of dedicated developers with over 20 years of combined industry experience across the technology stack to help realize your vision and build great products.

We offer technical co-founder, dev team vetting, generalist software development and advisory services to a select number of clients, typically engaging for a combination of cash and an equity interest. Our current portfolio covers the e-commerce, financial services, education, healthcare and real estate domains, among others. Learn more about us at

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