Mark Lichman

Fremont, California, US

Mark's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Mark

Over the past 18 months my team has created the easiest and most accurate virtual room painting mobile app on the market. We are now looking for both business help and to expand our technical team.

My skills are in Product design, Requirements analysis and Algorithm design. I am experienced in leading distributed teams of developers and client facing software consultation over the past 8 years. I earned a BS in Physics from a small school in western MA, (MCLA) and have extensive software expertise, although I am not a developer, and some hardware experience.

Business minded individuals should be able to assist in creating both local and global strategic partnerships, understand experiment driven Business plans and create brand ambassadors from within the professional sector (Interior Designers, Bloggers etc.). This is a potential Co-Founder role.

My company has recently release our first product which can be seen here, We are now in a position to branch into many potential markets and need additional help to analyze which markets are the most viable and prepare for a Series A bid within the next 6 months.

Interested candidates should have held prior leadership roles within a Startup and be able to both create and execute global business plans.


Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

BS Physics

2000 - 2000