Mark O'Brien

San Diego, California, US

Mark's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Mark

Gravitating toward that which is emerging, cutting edge and beautifully disruptive, you could say that I’m a catalyst for change and a champion of fresh ideas. As a marketer, I believe that ideas are contagious and have the potential to revolutionize minds, transform habits and carve new pathways into worn-out trails of human thought and culture.

I've been looking for the right partner who can help me translate a complex idea for a next generation digital ad network to a technical solution and ultimately, a minimum viable product. The right individual would have experience, knowledge and/ or interest in "ad-tech" and has successfully brought some kind of mobile app or browser plug-in to the market.

My hope is that you'll get as excited as me when I say, "ad-tech for a people-powered internet".


University of Massachusetts Amherst

BBA - Marketing

2009 - 2009


Founder Institute