Mark Plaskow

Business Development, Technical, Programming

Zionsville, Indiana, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Mark

I have created a medical technology with large tangible needs. It is an affordable and portable medical imaging tool that offers much better blood analysis and patient care at clinics all around the world. We are able to put a battery on it and have a true portable clinic with visual results vs. old printed out blood counts which can take weeks to months to never to get back for patients. We have interest from the large hematology companies, and are looking at a very good situation and perhaps bidding war for the technology if we can finalize our clinical data and perfect the prototype device. I am looking for devoted entrepreneurs eager to do something that matters and profit from it.


Bloomsburg University


1992 - 1992


MCSD Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

Microsoft Certified Technology Instructor