Atlanta, Georgia, US

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My Intellectual Property expands over 400 developed characters, primarily children/kids market. New IP has 12 key domains ready for technical expertise to develop, linked to digital media. Media options unlimited. Solid platform for multiple stages of development, thus, revenue. Cross section format is gender neutral, 3 Generations, 4+ Ethnicities, Caucasian/African American/Hispanic/Asian. Said theme has potential for longevity. Looking for 1+ technical person to handle all features relating to the digital world. This would be a key stage in making contacts within the larger matrix of companies that need content, especially content that can produce substantial profits. Monies have already been vested for establishing the platform...and the supporting consumer products to match. The one aspect missing is the additional digital formats that are supportive of said brand. Graphic design + illustrative work completed along with product development. Need the special person that shares like vision. The developed brand if managed wisely can have an impact in both traditional and non traditional means, breaking thru the clutter. 4 words: Humorous/Serious/Entertaining/Educational. It fits within all 4 classifications.