Mark Rice

Chicago, Illinois, US

Mark's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Mark

I am a little too old to play the game.

Have started over 30 companies including a couple non profits, invested in over 300 start ups, served on various public and private boards, and have worked for both large and tiny companies... Have run a PE and hedge funds for 20 years. Have actively participated on both the investor and operator side of the entrepreneur world. Plenty of highs and lows I would not trade for the world.

As a participant in the tech world from my trs 80 in the 70s to computers and software in the 80s, to the dot com boom in the 90s, I have plenty of experience with the rolodex, capital gains and losses to show for it.

Currently focusing on energy and how technology is disrupting the industry and creating a once in a lifetime opportunity. Looking for soldiers to join me in the space to make money, help people, and change the world in real and now opportunity. Contact me if you are interested.