Mark Thomas

Auckland, New Zealand

Mark's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Mark

Hi I'm a founder looking at bringing people in to my business and also looking to join another startup or two. I bring good product and startup experience with good numbers and analysis skills on top of commercial creativity and entrepreurship.

Our site is a game changing concept in customer experience, reviews, referrals, online sales, testimonials, research and communications between business and customers, involving almost any business and is built with several significant revenue digital and merchandising revenue streams offering stakeholders great return opportunities. The prototype has been built on a PHP stack.

However the prototype concept evolved over a long period and is technologically dated and requires a rebuild and redesign using modern technology for it to perform and appeal to users on a large scale. We are migrating it over to Laravel 5.

I'm looking for primarily technical cofounders, and soon business developers. I am a product guy with networking and project management and strategy skills and good technical understandings, but no formal development skills and only some understanding of modern technical architecture.

Technical co founders should be experienced with modern js based platforms and frameworks. Our current site is PHP with a bootstrap framework and knowledge of PHP as well as js based systems is important in our site's rebuild. Can be based anywhere., must be fluent in English and totally trustworthy and honourable. Commitment should be in excess of 25 hours per week and those with cash to invest are welcome to discuss that.

Business development co founders should have solid commercial networks with either corporates or SME's and with quality affiliate programs and business consultants and can be based anywhere. Commitment should be financial through the purchase of a relevant license for their vertical/location.

Investors welcome also to fund or part fund the team.


Massey University


1991 - 1991