Mark Visontai

Budapest, Hungary

Mark's Skills
Product Management

About Mark

I was working for 6 years in an R&D institute of an automotive company where I became a big fun of information systems that help people to concentrate more on the professional work and less on administrative tasks. After that 3 years in a physics department of a university as business development manager where the primary task was looking for industrial partners to exploit the research results in the form of new products and services. During this period I saw how networking is done between academia and industry and got ideas how it could be done in a more efficient way using online services from which I would like to build a product. I have been looking for similar products on the market for a while but have not found anything close, however it would have been really useful for me in my previous role...

The concept of the product is ready, now I am looking for a co-founder who would help in working on the business model / product validation and the business development part in general. The ideal partner has already working experience in these areas (if not then at least is very agile) and is enthusiastic for technology and science.



Master in Computer Science.

2003 - 2003