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Mark Wald

Managing Director at Supporting Strategies - Santa Monica

Maywood, United States
Startup stage
Business Development, Sales, Fundraising, Operations
I am an innovative problem solver who values simplicity, efficiency, and collaboration between people and organizations. I leverage a Business Economics degree from UCLA and a broad range of professional experience that spans multiple industries and various sized businesses to consistently deliver fast, focused, and measurable results. I have served as interim, outsourced CFO for a variety of startups and small businesses and have a specific love for complex financial modeling so I frequently build financial models for startups looking to raise capital as well as established businesses needing sophisticated tools to inform strategic growth initiatives. I enjoy mentoring entrepreneurs in various capacities, both for hire and also pro bono through educational and nonprofit organizations and affiliations. I provides Strategic Financial, Analytical, and Operations Management services to Southern California businesses on a consultancy basis. I also manages the Southern CA market for Supporting Strategies, a full service bookkeeping firm providing Bookkeeping through CFO level support to startups and growing small businesses. Supporting Strategies offers a refreshing alternative to traditional independent bookkeepers and outsourced CFO’s—think of us as your complete outsourced Accounting Department, with Enterprise-level people, processes, and controls to meet all the accounting and operational support needs of Startups, Small Businesses, and Nonprofits. We assign 3 dedicated resources - an Associate, a Manager, and a Client CFO - to each account so our clients benefit from working with the same highly skilled professionals month after month and there are 3 sets of eyes ensuring that all the work is always done correctly and on time. Because we hire accounting professionals with MBAs, CPAs, and 15+ years of experience working in industry for the very same businesses that our clients operate, our staff can think and work at a much higher level than a traditional bookkeeper, delivering a much better service and value to our clients.

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