Mark Wolfgang

Cocoa Beach, Florida, US

Mark's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Mark

Although my business is over 4 years old and I've been in the same line of work for 14 years, I've recently developed a new service offering/product that has me in "startup mode". I hired a freelancer to build a prototype product, showed it and sold it to one of my customers. They signed a 1 year contract and paid me in advance - check cashed. This customer has been using my product for 1.5 months now and they really, really love it. However, in reality, it's a bare-bones application that I need to take to the next level so I can approach my large enterprise customers.

While contract labor is easily obtainable, I really want a stake-holding developer partner that is looking for more than just a paycheck. One that is willing to dive into the project and do what it takes for the project to be a winner. Ideally, my new developer partner is willing to work for a mix of cash and revenue share/equity. We'll start with cash until we've tried each other out and know that it's going to work. After a month or so of solid performance and the relationship has developed, then we will talk about a hybrid compensation model that involves equity and/or a share of the revenue, along with cash.

My strengths:
- solid existing customer base to exploit. So far the product has been easy to sell, and it has been easy to get meetings
- great networker, people person, but also a technical expert in my field
- ethical, fair, trustworthy - lots of references and referrals
- good finances and a solid plan to fund product development/sales

You should be:
- a senior full-stack developer with experience building scalable, secure web apps
- financially stable enough to live off a lower paycheck in return for the longer play (equity or revenue share)
- trustworthy, honest, reliable, personable enough to effectively communicate
- straightforward about your needs, wants, and dreams


Saint Leo University

BS Computer Information System and Business Administration

1999 - 1999


Certified Information Security Professional (CISSP)