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Carl Potak

Marketer, Business Developer

Roslyn Heights, New York, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Carl

Please note: I'm currently only considering bringing on cofounders that live in the greater New York area. I live in Nassau County, LI a short train ride away to Manhattan, NYC.

I've created StartupDevKit, which is short for startup development kit.

As the business objective currently stands, I provide information mostly via guides across the major verticals, helpful templates, materials, & resources. Startups need a centralized location for these materials and I'm building that environment. I'm preaching the lean startup model as a measured approach to growth. And, since 90% of startups fail, I'm creating guides breaking down the root causes of the top 20 reasons for startup failure and I explain each cause.

I haven't outsourced anything until recently when I got an intern to help on some projects. Otherwise, I've been doing everything on my own, from web design to content development to graphic design, marketing, public relations...really the whole gamut.

It would be great to bring a technical co-founder on board that has a much deeper technical skillset than me who can debug, do SEO site speed enhancements, maybe some graphic design skills, and create better UX/UI than I can do.

I would like my work environment to be filled with positivity, creativity, transparency, fairness, and to be able to enjoy each other's company. I like the mentality to always like learning new things, sometimes among different verticals, but strengthening your specific discipline would be encouraged more.

You should have a cool personality, have great work ethic, and be very enthusiastic about StartupDevKit and helping the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Please get in touch if you're interested.

You can find me at:

Some info about me:
I have specializations in startups, marketing, analytics (I recently became Google Analytics Certified), operations and strategic business development. I have experience using growth hacking tactics and am capable of employing them for conversion rate optimization. I've learned how to code in HTML, CSS, some JavaScript and some PHP, but not much in the latter two.

I learned some coding to better understand it myself, gain insight, and help me with basic stuff, but not to become a full-time programmer. That has enabled me to translate business requirements into technical requirements and vice versa.

A proud moment: I was one of the first users and employees in CoFoundersLab and worked with the founding team as a marketing consultant to help the website gain traction early on.

Business Development
Managing People
Product Management
User Experience

Binghamton University

Political Science

2008 - 2008


Google Analytics