Marketplace Developer

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US

Marketplace Developer's Skills
Product Management

About Marketplace Developer

I am experienced in building Online Marketplaces websites, web apps. Connecting two sides of a Market and providing tech features including reviews, reputation, listing categories, search filters, payment processing to accept payments within the online marketplace, user profiles, messaging, design.

If your looking for a Marketplace Website to buy, sell, rent, trade or share products or services for your niche or community then I am your person to build it. Create your Own Marketplace for any niche and location you want.

Marketplaces I build please contact me if your looking to build one of these.
My phone is 717-278-8317, Skype ID: k2k404, Google Talk (Gtalk ID): k2k404

P2P Marketplaces, (B2C Marketplaces or B2B marketplaces)
Sharing Economy Marketplaces - (Airbnb is example)
Collaborative Consumption (marketplaces that connect people and assets)
Job Boards
Gifting Economy
Social Enterprise
Sustainability Products and Services, Food.
Product based Marketplaces (collection of products by niche or location)
Service based Marketplaces (for people looking for someone to do a specific job/skill)
Rental based Marketplaces (anything to rent for example spaces, transportation)