Raleigh, North Carolina, US

Markus's Skills
Business Development

About Markus

I'm looking for a partner that wants to help create a successful startup company that changes the way we view and use mushrooms- one of the most underrated and misunderstood superfoods and natural health boosters on the planet.

We will grow and sell gourmet mushrooms to restaurants, local markets and directly to the public. We will design and install custom gourmet mushroom beds on a local level for people's yards and gardens. We will teach people how to grow their own mushrooms through events, classes and online video instruction (increasing the demand), while selling supplies and equipment through an e-commerce website.

In general, we are pushing a mushroom revolution that will help people get access to rarer, more delicious and more nutritious mushrooms than the crappy little white button mushrooms that we find in the grocery stores (yawn), which are predominantly grown in gross underground pesticide-infested caves, picked by illegal workers and shipped across the country in refrigerated trucks. We can do much, much better.

Ideally, I need a microbiologist or a mycologist partner who can own/run the product development and production side of things (live culture creation, maintenance, propagation) while I run business development and marketing.

Or, I need a developer who is familiar with and passionate about the cause.

I'm an excellent marketer, having spent the last 7.5 years at a world-class marketing agency managing over 100 different e-commerce sites. I've also managed 23 people on my team over the years, only losing one to disinterest. I also have 3 years of experience growing and foraging gourmet mushrooms, and considerable knowledge of the field.