Markus Neuert

San Francisco, California, US

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Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Markus

I'm a German born business graduate and entrepreneur. At age 19, I opened and operated a Bavarian themed restaurant in South Florida. After selling the restaurant four years later and finishing my BA in Business Administration & Finance, I was hired by Fortune 100 consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble as Finance & IT Systems Analyst in Geneva, Switzerland. Eventually, my entrepreneurial spirit got the better of me again and I left P&G in 2005 to launch my own video production company Cyclefilm, specializing in amateur and professional road cycling. I have produced over 20 cycling documentaries and covered every major pro-cycling event from the Tour de France to the World Championships to the Giro d’ Italia.

In July 2014, I teamed up with my two brothers Thomas and Andreas to help them develop a real time messaging service for instant local advice and information called KYNGO ( We are non-technical founders but with extensive finance, marketing, promotion and sales skills from our previous jobs and businesses.

In April 2015, we came to San Francisco for fundraising and to hire a technical director. Less than two months later, we managed to do just that. We received funding until the end of the year and our technical director is coding the prototype with the help of a developer to get it ready for our test market in Florida in 2016.

In the meantime, we have received additional funding to take us through the test phase in early 2016.

We are fully dedicated to the project and put our current jobs on hold to pursue this idea. We obviously believe in the tremendous potential of Kyngo. The App combines elements Snapchat and WhatsApp to make local advice available within a real time messaging environment.

If you think you have the right qualifications to help us grow, we want to talk and meet with you. Please get in touch.


Florida Atlantic University

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

1997 - 1997