Marlene Resnick

Sarasota, Florida, US

Marlene's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Marlene

I have built three small companies and sold one. My present company has published a series of short , illustrated books for kids (4 - 8 years old) that provide health and safety information at the same time they promote literacy and promote home-school connection.

Two of the books have been piloted in one school with first and second graders with success-meaning that children adopt healthier habits and get their families to do the same.

I can generate grants for school systems that want to buy the books.

The books also need to be made into animated aps.

So, bottomline, I am looking for help with marketing,sales and tech development.

The potential exists for licensing the books or selling them directly to companies
for the purpose of including them as a promotion, benefit or gift to their market base, as Quaker Oatmeal has done by including little books about nutrition in their cereals.