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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

Making Money Making a Difference and Searching for Others Who Want To Do the Same
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I am an Independent OurGV Member. The company company is an international affiliate marketing company that has independent members in over 30 countries. There is unlimited earning potential - depending on the efforts/production of the individual.

The executive staff of the company is comprised of two individuals with 40+ years of combined experience in the industry. The CEO has been a top earner in various other businesses prior to founding this company. The President has many years of prior experience of being a business owner.

The CEO also founded a professional/personal development company. It includes weekly training and monthly advanced training as a part of its premium memberships. Free memberships are offered, as well as free blog sign-up. It has to be referred as personal development because many have benefited from the training in their personal lives.

Also, I know that many, if not most here may be looking for partners to partner with their venture. However, if you are open to partnering with an existing business, this may just be the one for you! You may consider becoming an Independent Member of a company that offers ongoing training and support to all of its Independent Members. The overhead is very low. No inventory you have to personally keep, and no website you have to personally maintain.

NOTE: I am not looking to join a startup, but I am interested in finding businesses/individuals interested in partnering with me in my business by becoming Independent Members. Existing businesses could market my business' solutions to their clients.


When you know better, you do better - Maya Angelou