Marsh Sutherland


Spokane, Washington, US

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Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Marsh

"Because I Care" explains me - why I do what I do - what drives me and makes me happy. I believe in "Givers Gain", know a lot of people in the Spokane & Boston tech startup scenes and am happy to connect like-minded folks.

Ranked as #17 (@MarshSutherland) in the Top 100 Startup Experts To Follow On Twitter by Entrepreneur Advice (@ECEntrepreneurA)

Serial entrepreneur / Founder of CharityCheckin, WeedShare, FounderMatchup (acquired by CofoundersLab 2012), SocialGrow, ReferralBonus (2012 SXSW Accelerator Finalist, currently dormant), FriendFlirt (currently dormant, but planned to start again in Spokane in Fall 2014), and JuniorHack (dormant non-profit, but planned to start again with Boston partners in 2014).

I am currently looking for a tech cofounder to join my WeedShare team. We have Tom O'Keefe ( as our Art Director. He's one of the top UI Designers in the country. You'd be making his UIs come to life in a web app and a mobile app.

Our MVP will be based on Wordpress, but will launch native mobile apps once we have traction. Please contact me if you're interested in joining a world-class team with a disruptive app in a huge untapped cannabis market.


Pacific Lutheran University

Legal Studies

1990 - 1990

Arizona State University


1994 - 1994

Arizona State University


1994 - 1994


Washington State Bar