Marshea Fenderson

New York, New York, US

Marshea's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Marshea

We are seeking advisers to meet two areas 1. help us access funding/investors 2. provide guidance as we grow our business in the competitive landscape of fashion.

Anyone who is looking for a company that is fun, creative, looking to become the standard in an industry and with a good moral compass, this is the company for you.

Pepper Jacques (PJ) is a NY based women’s wear luxury fashion line that was the brainchild of CEO and head Designer Rachel Ann Fenderson. Like the Nakash brothers who brought us Jordache, Pepper Jacques is also a sibling team capitalizing on each other’s strengths to achieve a common vision. Rachel Fenderson is a graduate of Parsons in Fashion and Marshea Fenderson has over 14 years experience in business, product development and marketing. We are both really passionate about what we do and will translate that into success. Our goal is to build a global multi-million dollar brand that is inclusive of all fashionable trendsetters.

The PJ brand defines itself on four points:
1. Create well-made fashionable garments with the finest materials and the most luxurious design elements;
2. Create designs that embrace the curves of our customers;
3. Create an exciting shopping experience; and
4. Be good stewards by contributing to communities in need and communities that nurture our brand.

So you are wondering about the company name and of course it has a funny story that involves a particular seasoned and aged cheese and a corresponding moniker that we would love to tell you about in person. The Pepper Jacques woman is a trendsetter perpetually teetering on the edge of haute couture while remaining loyal to classic lines and lush fabrics. She can be seen strutting down the streets of Tokyo, Kingston, Paris, and New York in various designers, daring vintage pieces, and accessible comfort garments and certainly outfitted in PJ freshness, just to elevate her style. She is determined to make her apparel choices more poignant by defining her look with personality, culture, and sass.