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I am passionate about good software development, but my dream is to build and own a software product that makes peoples lives easier.

I have always strove to improve myself, first in the technology skills, and now in software and management processes. I like to work with and around people who feel the same way, and have some fun along the way. I love the idea of owning my own business as well as creating something from scratch, and I am not afraid to work hard to achieve that. (Any of my previous employers would tell you I am am not afraid of hard work). And while I love to build things the right way, I am a firm believer in MVP.

I generally do not live up the to the 'programmer stereo type'. While I may have some nerdy interests, I am an extrovert: I love going out, socializing, playing sports, etc. This differentiator has landed me in leadership and management roles, as well as client facing positions in my career. I apologize for sounding boastful, but call it a necessary evil of building a profile.

I currently have a SaaS prototype for small-medium size breweries currently in use right now (Brew Ninja - The next step is graduating from prototype to self sign-up and a marketing campaign, right after finding the capital to do so.... I am interested in conversation that could lead to a partner who's skill compliment mine. I need help with marketing, funding, and general business development.


University of Saskatchewan

Software Engineering

2002 - 2002