Martin Jordanov

Nashville, Tennessee, US

Martin's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Martin

I am looking for a capable backend web/mobile developer to join my consumer services company in exchange for equity stake in the company. On the technical side, I can and would like to contribute with front end/ UI design. On the development and operational side, I/ my co-founder will contribute with employee recruitment and management (a huge and challenging component of the enterprise!), client servicing, company management and build-up, payroll, purchases, advertising, marketing, legal matters, and finances. I will finance all start-up and operational costs (incorporation fees, legal fees, insurance, advertising and marketing, products purchases, other company expenses, hosting, etc.) The ideal candidate should have the necessary programming/ developer skills to set up deep backend integration between mobile apps (iOS and Android), a web app, multiple databases, and scheduling, payment, and notification functions. Relevant languages would include (but are not limited to) Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. Familiarity/ prior experience with Amazon Web Services would be ideal, as AWS would be an ideal host for the project with its available backend functions/ services and potential for seamless future scalability. Furthermore, the ideal candidate would not only be technically-proficient, but have an astute appreciation of the consumer side of things; a desire to create a beautiful and seamless customer experience; the ability to write elegant, scalable code. We want our company to create a fantastic customer experience, not something bland and mediocre. I am looking for a partner and not just someone to hire to do the initial project development; I need a CTO to manage the technical side of things going forward and to tweek/ scale up the project, as needed when the company begins to scale up. The plan is for this service to launch in Nashville but subsequently to expand to other cities and, perhaps one day, internationally.

I am an MD and my wife (and co-founder) is a PhD. With this company, we are venturing in a new realm for us. We consider our inexperience in this arena a strength rather than a weakness. We are challenging conventional norms and introducing innovation the way only an outsider can dream to. We bring to the table our intelligence, vision, passion to succeed, people and leadership skills, management and operational skills, work ethic, and funding. We are committed to making this company a thriving enterprise.


University of Tennessee, Knoxville

BS, Biochemistry

1997 - 1997

University of Tennessee, Memphis, College of Medicine


2001 - 2001

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Radiology Residency, Musculoskeletal Imaging Fellowship

2007 - 2007


Licensed physician