Martin Keene

Los Angeles, California, US

Martin's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Martin

I am about to start my 13th year in mobile and was selling 100,000's of ringtones for Vodafone back in 2000. I have worked in most areas of mobile including mobile content, mobile billing and mobile marketing.

For the past 2 years I have focused on mobile advertising and particularly lead generation whether it be collecting user date or registrations, app download or pay-per-call.

I currently use overseas outsource for certain jobs but am looking to find tech skilled people who understand the mobile eco system and appl and HTML5 platforms so we can jointly develop ideas we both may have.

My skills are in both creating products (which I did for Vodafone) as well as sales and marketing and need a tech person who knows their stuff inside out and understand the user experience.

Excited about finding a person or team I can build a company with to change the mobile space! :-)