martin kenny

Southampton, United Kingdom

martin's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About martin

I have recently set up a personalised children's book publishing business targeted mainly for pre-school and nurseries..
The concept is tried and tested in other fields and is in the new and growing industry market.
My idea is completely new in an untapped sector as far as this concept is concerned which would give our business a competitive edge in a very large market.
I have set up the frame work for the business complete with a product ready to go!!!!
I have also established firm business ties with several large nursery and pre-school chains in the UK, whom are eager to use our products and services.
The last and final step is to build a robust and interactive website to further advertise and sell our concept and product.

innovative new product.
proven concept.
good profit margins.
low running costs.
large untapped market.
lots of hard work though..

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