Martin Spice

Southampton, United Kingdom

Creative, Scientific, Inventive
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Software developer & astrophysics enthusiast searching ways to empower you with science.

Welcome! I'm Martin, a creative, scientific and entrepreneurial individual with an addiction to physics. My story started in aeronautics when I joined the UK Air Training Corps at 13 years old and learning to fly until my first solo flight at 16. In 2008 I joined the RAF (UAS) where I clocked over 50 hours flying time in military light aircraft. Around this time I became fascinated by astrophysics and computers, and after 3 years I realized my creativity and left in pursuit of a new dream.

Aside from physics, I express myself through programming. Developing algorithms and code strategies to building prototypes has kept me from sleeping many years. I aspire to build and manage a tech company and have built a project team of my own. I believe in partnering with passionate co-founders that make up for my weaknesses.

My strengths are in technology, creativity and personality but my weaknesses are in marketing. I'm no public speaker but I certainly try.

I am currently looking for 2 individuals to join as co-founders.
1 for Marketing and Business, 1 Developer (c#/c++)


Imagination is more important than knowledge. - Albert Einstein

Work Experience

Cdt Pilot

Royal Air Force

September 2008 - October 2011


Southampton Solent University

Business Management

2011 - 2011

Co-working Space

Etch UK

2017 - Today