Martine Lacombe

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

About Martine

Bleyd is the only provider of free, real-time online restaurant allergens information for diners and menu management solutions for restaurants. The Bleyd network delivers the convenience of customized menus to diners and the operational benefits of a computerized menu management to restaurants.

A utility patent for a "Method and system for identifying a potential food allergen or irritant via a communications network" was filed in September 2014.

With a global rise in food allergies and younger generations expecting highly-customized experiences, Bleyd's offering is bound to become as ubiquitous as Amazon's "1-click ordering".

Bluetooth-powered beacons have made inroads with large retail brands (i.e. Shopkick in Macy's) where customers perceive an incentive. However, customers have protested the use of beacons in restaurants where the intrusion seems unwarranted and loaded with “big brother” fears of privacy violation. Bleyd represents a unique proposition where the end-user gladly parts with personal data.

I am in wireframe stage and seek a superb developer co-founder to bring my vision to reality.


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