Marty Gindi

New York, New York, US

Marty's Skills
Product Management

About Marty

I'm an Ivy educated engineer/UI/UX designer/manager... now full time entrepreneur. I've been working on my startup for about a year. I've been doing 'apps' since way before they were called that... having done Verizon's billion dollar ring tone and ringback tone app as well as the technology at the center of forwarding text messages from carrier to carrier in the US (now over 3 billion a day goes through my software)

We're introducing a complete new concept in adtech... something that brings the power of the smartphone to bear after every phone call. Executed correctly... with the right team... the market potential is huge... every outgoing call to every business line in the country.

I'm looking for a biz-dev co-founder... someone with amazing enthusiasm for devising well thought out pricing models and features to drive our technology. As well as someone who loves sitting down with potential clients and partners such as; Dominos, American Idol, Time Warner Cable and TapJoy.

I'm a man of passion in everything I do... My perfect biz-dev co-founder should bring the same thing to the table.