Mary Anne Fletcher

Seattle, Washington, US

Mary Anne's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Mary Anne

I am the United States patent portfolio holder for multiple utility patents in mobile device media streaming, including applications. I am also the founder of a socially responsible social media streaming platform called Weple, short for "We the People". We are committed to giving back a % of all profit to replant our rainforest and combat global warming.

Weple is the innovative and dynamic, social media streaming company changing the way users connect, have fun, make money and giveback redefining the video streaming experience. We empower our users to connect in new ways allowing private and public group functionality and unprecedented control over all their content, at all times. We also provide our users with added ease and convenience of shoot first and share later or simply save. Only Weple allows users to save and share all videos, whether streamed live or not. Providing them a way to save all their memories and not take up crucial phone storage. On Weple, people are always able to connect in real or post time with who they want and when, bringing control through privacy options finally to social media.

Weple launched on iOS early last year and we quickly recognized what was needed for a clear customer acquisition plan. We have made crucial adjustments and key partnerships and are implementing the changes we need. If you want to be part of a social media company whose team and vision is committed to redefining why people connect and empowering users and Earth. Then Weple is a great choice for you. Please definitely reach out and connect.