Mary Haskett

Austin, Texas, US

Mary's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Mary

I'm a serial entrepreneur. I've started multiple companies, built teams, grown them to profitability and sold my last one to a defense contractor. I stayed on for two years as a VP managing large scale identification projects for foreign governments in the Middle East. My undergraduate degree is in applied math and my masters degree is in instructional design.

My co-founder has extensive experience. He has a Ph.D. in computer science and studied artificial intelligence and machine learning. At DARPA he built tools for social network analysis for the intelligence community and he was the chief architect of the national identification systems for both Iraq and Afghanistan. He has designed, developed and deployed dozens of biometric applications in the Middle East.

We have started a company called BeehiveID and although our team is based in Austin, Texas, we have just completed the Microsoft Accelerator run by TechStars in Seattle, Washington.

Real people today have a complex web of connections to other people online through interactions like Facebook likes, tweets, check-ins and uploaded photographs. These complex webs cannot be faked by fraudsters. We use this data in combination with data from public sources and biometric face matching to make connections and establish the BeehiveID score - our measure of confidence that your users are backed by genuine, unique individuals. We sell this service to websites and online merchants who want to prevent fraud, trolls and bad actors in their user accounts.

We are looking for a third person with strengths in marketing and start-up business development because right now our progress is limited by the number of hours we can work and the number of people we can talk to each day. Location is not important but experience and connections are.


Texas A&M University

MS Education Technology

1995 - 1995