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Going around in the city isn't what it used to be. Our first instinct is to explore, but we always seem to go back to the same old familiar areas or places.
The web and social media have completely replaced the any sort of offline media for advice, but instead of making it easier than flipping through one product, it has become a chaotic nuisance going through endless amount of different services all pushing what they think is good for you including your friends!

In the 80’s, news was revolutionized with the introduction of infographics, typography and iconography.
Suddenly it was “DON’T JUST TELL US. SHOW US.”

The next step in this social revolution is the visualization of crowd sourced data through unique, beautiful map interfaces.
We imagine the next generation of online maps to be completely reinvented around social discovery.

Here is our dream:
We are revolutionizing digital maps by focusing them more directly on how you would explore a city and discover the world around you.

Imagine the digital maps as you would use them today....what do you see?
Geographical look of the city, random beacons scattered around everywhere "trying" to guide you, rooftops of houses, street names, we can go on and on.
- Ask yourself, how quickly did you find what you wanted?
- Did you discover cool new places or did you only end up finding what you were specifically looking for and ended up going to the same place again or another expected location?

The User Experience of digital maps we currently use was built for point-to-point navigation. Layers have been added to these maps to discover things, but the experience is cumbersome and unintuitive.

We have figured out a better way...

By using multiple data sources to create immersive 3D cities on the fly. The end result is an experience that brings the world to life in real-time!

It’s fast, fun, and visually attractive; allowing you to discover and explore what is going on around you in real-time, using multiple social signals to help you find the coolest places around, with creative visualizations that are beautiful, fun, and faster than anything else out there.

The phone was reimagined with the crazy notion that we don't need physical buttons.

It's time that maps are reimagined with the vision that navigation shouldn't be the core of mapping, but a feature in map focused around a social discovery UX.

Let's make maps more useful, more practical and more beautiful to discover the world around us.


Sometime people don't know what they want until you show them. - Steve Jobs


new york institue of technology

Business Managment with concentration in Marketing

2006 - 2006


Gamification (Expert)