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This is Masana, 11+ business experience in Japan as an IPO underwriter as well as a consultant in business development and human resource management. After MBA in NUS, I decided to pursue entrepreneurship and finally found a co-founder and a promising idea. I and he founded a company and worked hard for 10 months to draw the business plan as well as to proto-type the product. Recently we got an approval for 50K grant for hiring and got a free office under the support from NUS.

However, my current partner has to leave from the company soon although he wanted to continue... So now, I'm looking for a co-founder who can take care of programming/engineering part. (my ex-partner was a computer scientist as well as a programmer)

The business idea is about "Company management SaaS for Small businesses" from invoicing, accounting, HR management to CRM. Don't be scared the words "accounting" and "invoicing". Those are NOT complicated and I'll share my knowledge (I was previously a faculty in accounting at one of the biggest business school in Japan).

Who I'm looking for is, co-founder who can commit to the business and who is able to deal with interface (Java, HTML etc) as well as with back-end (data retrieval from excel/pdf files, machine-learning to help data entry and data base). I know about operation in small businesses and accounting. Therefore, I'd like to develop the SaaS with you, the future co-founder.
My ex-partner is also helping me as a parttimer. He is Ph.D from NUS and capable in such fields and you can learn from him as well. If you have some but not all, just contact with me please. We can discuss how to find missing parts.

Finally, I strongly believe softwares for business will change from now drastically as what happened in consumer services such as google and facebook. Look at enterprise softwares like SAP... it's pretty old fashioned but it still has been the #1 in ERP for large enterprises. There are so many fields to be improved and so much to do. Accounting / Invoicing software is the beginning and much more to go. Let's discuss about the business and future in the sector if you are interested in. :)

Feel free to contact with me even if you are not sure at this moment.


National University of Singapore


2014 - 2014


NUS Enterprise