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About me:

I am quite a broad-minded person, easy to get on with and a generalist, rather than specialist, but with tons of experience in corporate world as well as dealing with international clients; I am very analytical and quite capable of seeing things from different perspective, which helps me to solve the problems. I am a dedicated, committed project manager and advisor, with strong principles and have a keen eye to see the gaps in the market and to find solutions for that.

I have advised many clients and saved some of them from so much trouble, and helped some to have a better understanding of how to deal with the complex situations, both regionally as well as internationally.

I have experience both working at top notch international firms as well as dealing with SMEs.

What I am looking for:

I would like to get to know and team up with dedicated, committed developers (web, web app, could-based, application, mobile app, U/I designers) at first stage to build the platform and on the second stage I would like to team up with marketeers and advisers, who have a passion to build something that is going to help international trade, and therefore to have an impact on people's lives, especially and in particular in emerging markets and developing countries.

I am looking for seasoned, ambitious technical super duper developer(s) to come on board and take the opportunity not only to be part of and complement a great team, but also to be at heart of building a potentially revolutionary product. The gap in the market is too huge and building this solution will only be the first step of building so many other great products and solutions.

I am looking for super technical geeks, with common sense, who can think out of box and see the bigger picture; people who are committed, broad-minded, technically savvy (especially with cloud, web apps, mobile apps, data integration, web/app integration, big data, etc.) with long-term approach in their commitment. Someone who can turn ideas and solutions into codes and products and can contribute towards the overall goal of the team. Someone who can take ownership of taking care of technical side, and have a creative and sensible mind, to combine technology with real human and business needs.

If you are the one, and you are willing to be part of a great team and to build a great product, do get in touch. It'd be probably one of the best decisions you'll be making.


Azad University

Dropped out

1999 - 1999

London Metropolitan University

Dropped out

2004 - 2004