mateen mohammed

London, United Kingdom

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First time founder

About mateen

I am the founder of a new and exciting content sharing mobile application. I have already acquired seed funding and for that reason can offer a combination of pay and equity to prospective partners.

I am looking for a technical lead that can either work on a consultancy or architecture design basis, where they will design the project infrastructure and take a project management role on the development of the backend system.

Alternative and preferably a technical lead that will physically design and build the web based backend system for the mobile application, which includes associated restful api (node.js or associated language) and administration functionality and the other features.

We hope that in either instance your involvement in our project will evolve into longstanding CTO/early co-founder role with equity options and that more importantly you can become as excited about the potential of this unique project as we are.

The position should have the following expertise:

Excellent fluency in mobile applications and backend languages and structure (mobile platforms to be iOS and Android)
Excellent understanding of web servers, hosting, frameworks and system architecture (and associated web services that fit our system architecture)
Data compression & upload/download optimisation for content on a DB
Ability to design and/or Build backend system for Slingslot which includes:
Admin dashboard
User management
User profiling (standard field sets + passion points)
Content management
Standard functionality: manually edit, add, search, delete etc
Content meta tagging
Weighted random algorithms
Achievement management (gamification elements)
Integration with rev streams (ad exchange plugins & SD kits for 3rd party brand partnering)
Backend system, storage, servers must be able to scale up and downscale rapidly without any malfunctions.



Information Management for Business

2016 - 2016