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Framingham, Massachusetts, US


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About Matt

- Closed deal with funded technology start-up
- Built and Grew advertising tools to over 50,000 members
- Worked with outsource and internal developers on 6 separate products
- Provided solutions through consulting services to clients in various industries

Messaging; huge need in the market place. Communication is an endless need that has no end-of-life in our time. Platforms like Intercom, HelloBar, HelpScout, LiveChat, Drift...they either lack some core necessities or attempt to do "everything" (yet only maintain MVPs).

That's where '' comes in for SMBs who really don't need the complexity of applications but want to automate efforts without losing the personal, manual touch.

And I'm looking for a few folks to help make it a reality. If you're an engineer, product manager, or business development rockstar...let's talk.


Keene State College

Graphic Design

2002 - 2006