Matt C.

Los Angeles, California, US

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About Matt

I'm a full-stack senior software engineer. I've been a CTO at small startups, and I ran engineering teams at leading tech companies, including Google.

I've worked in many technologies and software architectures. I've developed both mobile (IOS and Android), browser-based, and conversational (AI chatbot) frontends, and a wide variety of backend technologies.

I'm very experienced in Lean development. Short, fast iterations to get the product out in front of people as quickly as possible.

I'm also very experienced in product management, UX, software patents, analytics, advertising, and SEO.

Please feel free to contact me:
* For well validated projects(e.g. paying customers, customers waiting for the product, supportive community), I'm available to work for equity only. Please feel free to contact me.

* For projects that are just at the "idea" stage, I'm less willing to work for equity only unless you have done your homework and have some basic validation from your customers.

* I'm also willing to discount my rate for an exchange in equity for the right project. If you want to build an MVP fast and you don't want to give out a lot of equity, this is good approach.

Work Experience

Software Engineer/Technical Leader


January 2007 - January 2012



MS Computer Science

2000 - 2000

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