Matt Chapman

Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Provide kids with online access to great coaching - looking for a Technology cofounder to build MVP
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About Matt

I have created a business plan to develop an interactive coaching & development marketplace that provides kids with personalized online coaching and feedback across multiple sports. I have conceptualized both a free model (all kids should have access to good coaching) and multiple revenue stream opportunities. I also have a long term plan to bring together crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence techniques to create a real-time coaching application.

I've worked within the Software as a Service space for over 15 years and have led teams up to 65 people across project management, sales operations, customer success and consulting disciplines.

My goal is to find a technology cofounder who can help create a minimally viable product (MVP) in your/my spare time that can then be pitched for initial seed investment.


"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky


Tulane University

Environmental Engineering

1992 - 1996