Matt Haffenreffer

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Matt's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Matt

I am a recent graduate (Mech. Eng.) who has had the entrepreneurial bug for most of my life. While graduating I came into an opportunity that fit both my interests, goals for immediate impact, and potential for creativity.

Our start up is changing the way in which collegiate athletes train. By enabling athletic departments (of all levels) to provide highly customized and cutting edge training regiments - through use of our tests, pools and logic - we can create a generation of athletes like never before. A generation that will bring along their non athlete peers and help us create a movement of life long health and wellness.

An entrepreneur - by heart or experience - who thrives on programming their way out of the toughest situations in the most innovative way possible. When you finish coding, you look at your work and know that it is both clean, adaptive and powerful.

You have experience (or at least an understanding) of an array of programming areas - web development, UX, database, etc. And when you find a problem you haven't seen before, your first reaction is "I can figure that out". The words NO and CAN'T do not exist.
But if you tell me there is a better way to do it, that is your expert opinion and the reason you are on board.