Matt Harris


San Francisco, California, US

Matt's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Matt

I've been running a company in the Learning space that I started 18 years ago. We raised multiple rounds of angel $, an institutional round and have had many successful years. Now, however, I am starting a new company. It will be internet based, direct to consumer and learning related. I need help in the initial development (deigned but needs to be built) as well as in marketing, community management and advise on monetizing the traffic. I have a terrific track record and know that this site will generate loads of valuable traffic, but would appreciate help on the particulars in terms of determining a monetization strategy and then implementing that strategy. I'd get my existing engineers to build out the product but I feel I need a fresh approach and am cautious about using any legacy code. In regards to community management, this is a product that lends itself well to an organic growth approach. I'd appreciate help in getting that going. Cheers and thanks!