Matt Rosinski

Sydney, Australia

Matt's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Matt

I am looking for co-founders who want to start a SaaS business but have been procrastinating about the sales and marketing side. Maybe you don't like to sell or have been trying to keep up with it yourself.

Leverage your skills doing what you do best as a product creator and/or programmer and stop spreading yourself too thin. Find a digital marketing cofounder to work with. If not me then please consider someone with these skills.

A successful SaaS startup needs someone focused on conversion, traffic, engagement, monetization, list building, split testing, sales funnel management, content and social media marketing etc. I am a certified digital marketing professional with a background in science and engineering. I have a diverse background in engineering, biotechnology, process automation, project management, finance, lean startup, customer and product development and digital marketing. I have experience working in research, small business and corporate environments.

If you have a great idea or SaaS starting point or have already built something and need someone to focus on sales, marketing and growth then we may be a good fit.


The University of Queensland

PhD Chemical Engineering

2000 - 2000


Applied Finance and Investment

2003 - 2003


Social Media Management

Content Marketing

Customer Value Optimisation