Matt S.

Z├╝rich, Switzerland

Matt's Skills
Business Development
Product Management
User Experience

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

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About Matt

What is the first thing the VC's will usually look at? The team. I am not (only) looking for someone to implement a concrete idea with, rather I'd like to meet interesting people, discover possible synergies, validate our ideas and hopefully go on and implement our best concept.

A quick summary about me: I am in my twenties, living near Winterthur, Switzerland. Currently working full-time in a management position for a software company. I provide about 10 years of experience in web-based software engineering as well as multiple years of experience in scaling startups.

What you should provide:

Willingness to carry out 200% performance, invest your time and take significant risks
Know-how and experience in areas which complete or extend my skills
Preferably experience in startup environments
At the moment I am evaluating two ideas in the areas of social media and network marketing. However, like already mentioned, I am absolutely open to discussing your ideas as well.

Sounds interesting? Are you looking for the perfect co-founder as well? Just drop me a message with a short summary about you and we'll meet for an informal beer.