Matt Vincent Serano

Los Angeles, California, US

Matt Vincent's Skills
Product Management

About Matt Vincent

I'm am filmmaker, fashion designer, and now, an entertainment E-Commerce technology entrepreneur. I grew tired of the lack of options to monetize movies and went back to school for business in 2009 and am finishing my second business degree. I've also worked in high level audio visual for the last fifteen years working events like the Cisco, HP, and Adobe. I've combined everything I've learned from corporate leaders, my schooling, and creative talent, to develop a technology that will rock entertainment in fashion, music, and digital media. I have always been great at creating but need a partner who can financially plan, secure funding, and run a sales force. I'm learning about finance and salesmanship currently and plan to start operating a branch of the company in June 2013. That being said, I would love to join a startup where I could exercise my multimedia, design, marketing, visual, and problem solving skills. I'm very technical and when something seems impossible, I feel my greatest skill comes from independent filmmaking. That skill is to make small scale things with small budgets look like a million dollars. My latest accomplishment is some programmers wanted 12,000 to build a feature into my retail fashion app that can measure your wrist for my leather bracelets. I felt that was absurd and with no programming knowledge built one myself with 4 simple pictures and cost one billable hour of basic shape design. It's more accurate and a lot cooler because of it's simplicity and that scenario, embodies who I am and what I do.