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Camden, New Jersey, US

Technology Entrepreneur
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I'm an entrepreneurial technology guy with a non-stop passion for creativity and efficiency. I've founded 2 startups, built over 50 web and cloud based custom business applications (B2B & B2C), and managed productive teams of up to 40 people. I have an eye for the growth of the product - functionality, usability, efficiency, scalability. I choose disruption over mundane. It keeps us growing. I wake up every day with the desire to build tomorrow's tools, to solve problems, and to touch an emotion in those around me.

I'm looking for an AWESOME product to lead!

Am I the kind of person you are looking for? Let me know. Maybe we can change the world together!

Here is a short list of browser based applications that I have built for companies:

Service Call Manager
Order Manager (Like Grainger)
ROES – Remote Order Entry System
Chemical Process App
WESS – Web Enabled Survey System
Physician Statement Retrieval system (record retrieval)
Document Mgt Systems
Internal HR/Benefits Tracking systems
Online Cruise Reservation system
Team Workouts Track Mgt system
Custom E-commerce systems – at least 15 different ones.
Fulfillment Tracking systems – 4 or 5
Shop Log Database
Membership Managers – at least 5
Track Mgt System
Hedge Fund & Asset Mgt System
Custom Job Board
Logistics Manager
RFQ & Project Plans Manager
Sales CRM
Contract Track Mgt. system

.... Stop reading and email me! Let's talk!

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January 1999 - December 2016