Matt Walsh


Allentown, Pennsylvania, US

Tomorrow is Different. Start Here!
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Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

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About Matt

We are building a new social creative tool, a NEW media, and the social ecosystem around it. Get ready to tell stories, get news, teach others, and learn new things in a BRAND NEW WAY!

If building tools of tomorrow is exciting to you, contact me. This is a large project and we need help in many areas. I look forward to speaking with you.

About Me - I'm an entrepreneurial technology guy with a non-stop passion for creativity and efficiency. I've founded 2 startups, built over 50 web and cloud based custom business applications (B2B & B2C), and managed productive teams of up to 40 people. I have an eye for the growth of the product - functionality, usability, efficiency, scalability. I choose disruption over mundane. It keeps us growing. I wake up every day with the desire to build tomorrow's tools, to solve problems, and to touch an emotion in those around me.

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