Matt Werner

San Francisco, California, US

Owner, Editor-in-Chief at Thizzler On The Roof
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Product Management

About Matt

Built, operated, marketed, the largest Bay Area hip-hop website in the world. Averages 8.5 million views per month between the website, YouTube & Soundcloud channels. Also has a very strong social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat & Facebook (TheThizzler). I have worked in every facet of the music industry, including artist management, event production, marketing, and more. Operated the entire business alone (with some volunteer help) until 2013. Became profitable in 2013 and now manage 1 salaried employee, multiple part time / contractors, and a small army of volunteers.

A yearly campaign did from 2010 until 2015 was the Bay Area Freshmen 10 campaign, where we asked the Bay Area fans to vote for their favorite up & coming artists. This generated significant social media growth (14,000+ #BAF10 hashtags on Instagram alone from last year's campaign with $0 spending on IG advertising), massive website traffic, and drew a lot of industry attention. After fan voting, a panel of 12 top Bay Area music industry leaders met under my leadership & created the Bay Area Freshmen 10 list. This was a significant marketing & video production endeavor, not to mention organizational, and 2014's campaign was primarily done by myself & a very dedicated graphic designer intern. It took a lot of all nighters but we put together a great campaign for the final year. Here is the announcement video:

In 2015, myself and's Operation Manager booked, organized & promoted Thizzler Jam, a 3 stage festival in downtown Oakland. It was a major marketing win, with some of the Bay Area's top up & coming artists performing as well as allowing us to showcase smaller artists we believe in, and drew a lot of attention from fans & industry alike. Approximately 800 people attended. The initial visual design was done by the graphic designer from the 2014 BAF10 campaign, but I did all the graphic & video work throughout the process. Here's a recap video:

I manage Young Gully, an up & coming Bay Area artist. I wear a lot of hats but the main things I provide are strategy, merchandising, promotional support and graphic / visual design. His latest album, with campaign coordinated by me, did over 300,000 free downloads via BitTorrent. (If you don't have BitTorrent, you can stream here:

In 2012, myself and a friend put together an 8 song compilation with Atlanta production crew SMKA called Darkest Before Dawn. We booked & coordinated recording sessions with many of the Bay Area's top up & coming artists. The project received a lot of good press, including a feature in Spin Magazine, The Fader, XXL, SF Weekly, and others. We partnered with the A3C Hip-Hop Festival in Atlanta to do a Bay Area showcase & album release party at their festival, which is documented here: (the album itself isn't currently available to stream but it is available for download at

There are many other things that I've done as owner of Thizzler On The Roof. Our YouTube channel currently has over 185k subscribers & receives almost 8 million views per month. Until April, our Soundcloud channel had 50k subscribers and 5 million views per month (we are currently rebuilding and receive 500k/month on our new Soundcloud channel). I've successfully created & managed this brand, and am looking forward to taking it to the next level, as well as expanding into other directions.

Work Experience

Owner, Editor-in-Chief

Thizzler On The Roof

March 2009 - December 2016