Matt Yarali

New York, New York, US

Matt's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Matt

Nudostilo’s team is in process of developing a virtual platform that enables user to shop based on their own unique body shape without any traditional sizing be involved.
Nudostilo's proprietary technology captures user’s body measurements with 98% accuracy in less than a minute. Our system compares user's body measurements against all the available retail ready items in our platform and then a personalized marketplace tailored to user's unique body shape gets generated. Nudostilo’s users have the option of allowing their close friends and family members to have access to their markets. In this way, regardless of location friends and family can effectively style and shop together. Nudostilo believes that by designing such a platform we are able to put an end to body shaming and labeling millions of people with different body shapes as "small" or "Large". In addition, Nudostilo will solve long lasting unsolved problems of online shopping (Return, lack of personalization….).Love to hear your feedback