Matthew Dawn

Mechelen, Belgium

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Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Matthew

I'm an artist/designer, looking for a developer to help me create a prototype for an app idea I have. (iphone first, android later)
(This idea is one of 2 projects I'm working on besides my job as a graffiti artist, the second one being an attachment for a spraycan which is in the stage of 3-printed prototyping.)

I have become an artist thanks to online community forums such as A place where artists would post their works/sketches and go over to other artist's 'topics'/virtual sketchbooks and post comments and critiques. Everyone was helpful and stimulated one another to improve.
Since the entree of social media these communities have died down or the key-talent has left. Nowadays there are pages on facebook dedicated to the same concept, of posting sketches and have other people criticise them. Only is it extremely disorganised thanks to FB's algorithms and tend the good works that don't really need critiques (and only receive appraise) float to the top while the works that could use a helping hand, receive barely no attention at all.

All I have at this point is an idea to solve the problem and a way to monetise it. (and perhaps a lay-out and functionality in my head). Feel free to ask me about my solution!

Why should you partner with me?
I know what I'm talking about, I was and still am a part of that community (artists online) and know how what does and doesn't work. I have experience programming and could to it on my own only that would punish me with too many mistakes and too much time. I see working alongside a developer as a more efficient way towards building a functional prototype that could help spike interest from investors.

I have done large projects in the past but prefer to focus on things that inspire/challenge me and have a larger future then the odd 6-figure jobs.



Digital Arts and Entertainment

2010 - 2010