Matthew Maier

Los Angeles, California, US

Matthew's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Matthew

I'm building out a project that takes "how to" to the next level. The way we share instructions is still basically pre-industrial, it just happens to be delivered through the internet. I'm looking for skills in UX, community management, marketing, business development, and even coding if you want to learn Livecode.

So, I've been in the Air Force long enough to fix F-16s, get a degree in systems engineering management from USAFA, get a masters in space operations management, fly some satellites, buy some rockets, and realize that what I'm driven to do lies outside of the military. About five years ago I stumbled across cheap 3D printers a littler earlier than most and immediately realized I'd always wanted one even before I knew what it was. One of the wooden Makerbots led me to the RepRap project and that led me to open source hardware. I tried to participate in projects like Wikispeed and Open Source Ecology but the existing tools just don't allow it. For the last couple years I've been gradually figuring out what we need to collaborate on tangible projects through a digital medium. A year ago I started teaching myself Livecode so that I could build a prototype. Today I'm seeing things I conceptualized a long time ago actually work in the prototype and I believe this could be a solution that's a lot bigger than just the open source hardware community.

Right at the moment I'm writing this I'm looking primarily for someone who's good at UX. The whole point is making complicated instructions simple so UX is important now and forever, but I'm not particularly good at it. Additionally, the rest of the point is nurturing a community of devs and users, so someone who gets community management would be invaluable. It will also be necessary to bring on somebody with marketing and business development experience. Finally, I'm doing all of the coding, so it would be awesome to find someone who understands graph theory and is willing to learn Livecode. This is an open source project (look for platyvue on github) so if you or a friend just want to contribute a bit that's great. In startup terms I hope you're interested in sweat equity.

I'm still in the Air Force and at the moment my schedule is pretty flexible although the gub-ment always reserves the right to take up all my time without warning. But my bills are paid and I'm saving money, so I've got that going for me. I can self-finance for the time being but I wouldn't be able to pay any salaries. I intend to bootstrap until that doesn't work anymore and have some plans for dogfooding. I live in Lawndale and get up to CTRL Collective regularly.