Matthew Maier

Los Angeles, California, US, personal & community health experiments
Matthew's Skills
UX Design
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Matthew

As a partner I'm determined and flexible, I learn fast, and I communicate well. I'm looking for someone who's either technical or salesy. Either way I can focus on the other part and still be good enough to help with your part or at least ensure my part integrates well with yours. Keeping both the development and audience plates spinning is hard and slow.

I'm looking for someone who wants to focus on marketing/business or development/design. I could go either way. The marketing side of this will be an interesting challenge with lots of potential starting markets (young people who like tech, old people scared of illness, researchers running studies) and the development side has some exciting solutions to build (chatbot powered interactive journal, social feed, novel data analysis and reporting).

This is in the diet & exercise market which is evergreen and like $1T+ so the app isn't the only revenue stream. There's potential for affiliate & partnership sales for relevant products/services, custom merchandise, digital products (books, videos, podcasts), events, B2C & B2B, online coaching, etc.

Track-well has 3,000+ signups, 700+ experimenters, 100+ actually finished an experiment. As far as I know, Track-well now has the largest data set in history on people trying a carnivore (meat + water) diet. A new, small study on people trying carnivore specifically to relieve osteoarthritis symptoms just started (~20 participants so far).

I've been building this for the last year in my spare time. Acquiring skills, building an audience, and learning about what is valuable.

Version 1, which is useful right now, is good enough to demonstrate that we can get people to track their diet & exercise data so they can learn about themselves and we can aggregate it to learn what works in general. Nobody has paid for anything yet.

I'm laying out Version 2 with everything I learned from V1. I'll use a landing page/pre-sell approach to bootstrap now that the core idea is proven to work.


Whoever can handle the quickest rate of change is the one who survives. - Robert Boyd