Matthew Maly

Los Angeles, California, US

Matthew's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Matthew

I am a Yale-trained Social psychologist, an author of four books, and a Win-Win specialist. I am working on two mobile apps:

One is an AIRBNB for dating and relationships. This dating app will serve adults pursuing any legal relationship goals, worldwide. We realize that not all Win-Win relationships could be one-on-one, equal, or committed: other arrangements are possible, and can make people very happy, giving them much greater opportunity than they would have had otherwise. We ask, “What kind of a relationship do you want? What are you willing to give in return?” We offer a questionnaire that is to the point and let the user arrange criteria in order of importance. This is how we make users’ dreams come true. We make money by charging for each connection according to the profile’s popularity and by offering additional relationship-related services.

The other app is a talk-back mobile app helping to think in a win-win way. Human mind is a dialogue between two entities. One entity is you. It is animate: it has past, present, and future. It tends to offer win-win solutions. Another entity represents the influences of the outside world. It has no time dimension; therefore, it is inanimate. It likes to create irrelevant theories, and its voice is louder. It tends to offer lose-lose solutions. Breakthrough: if we disallow words that have inanimate characteristics, the second voice can’t speak
User types: [Problem] Rita is always screaming.
The app highlights ALWAYS as this is a keyword that stops time. The sentence needs to be rewritten.
User: Rita is screaming when I do not do dishes.
The app: What is your strategy of dealing with this problem?
The app also teaches win-win, suggests win-win vendors, recommends and discusses movies...

I won the Founders Space Accelerator with this app.

I need a technical co-founder willing to code any of the apps for equity and/or an investor. Both projects could grow very large and be hugely profitable.