Matthew Nearents

Irvine, California, US

Matthew's Skills

About Matthew

I am a UI/UX designer with a great idea for an online financial service. I can program, but not at the level of a lead programmer. My business idea will be highly differentiated from the many apps currently in the online banking space. An app with a similar concept in a different market just exited for $117 million last year. There is a huge opportunity and I want to be the first to grab it.

I need a front-end developer who can build in iOS and Android, or a C# developer who can build cross-platform with Xamarin. For the MVP, a hybrid HTML, CSS and JS app would also work.

I also need a back end developer who can build something scalable. If you are a full-stack developer, that would be awesome.

I will be building a fully functional prototype soon to get this project off the ground.