Matthew Sansoucie

Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Matthew

I'll begin with my idea, a social networking site for readers, with a particular focus on what I believe are the two most important things: Helping readers discover new books and creating exciting and innovative ways to connect them with other readers. I am confident I have the ideas to capitalize on the areas where Goodreads is lacking, which also happens to be the most critical areas to their site's success; book recommendations and social connections.

I have already created the foundation of the site which is live but it does not include any of the differentiating features I have planned; you can check it out at I am not a developer or programmer, and I have minimal technical knowledge, which is why I used a web development company to build the base. This enabled me to have a demo for the site, as well as a tool that allows me to more easily demonstrate how I plan to revolutionize it as well.

I am looking for a partner/co-founder who:

-Has high level programming capabilities
-Has previously worked with databases, social platforms, and is capable of creating algorithms and the other advanced features I have designed.
-Will be able to demonstrate that knowledge and who preferably has examples of previous work.
-Is interested in working very long hours, and is readily available.
-Has an active interest in entrepreneurship, new technologies/platforms, social media, and reading.

If the right person is available, I am looking for a co-founder in this venture. I have spent a significant amount of time learning about and creating this idea and site, but I know that having the right developer/development team is integral to its success, so I am looking forward to discussing the possibility of working together with whoever might be interested in joining me.


Bentley University


2010 - 2010