Matthew Sing

Seminole, Florida, US

Matthew's Skills
Product Management

About Matthew

I need a business partner to help me grow Online Trade Fairs segment.
No money required, only marketing and branding is the need.
I am able to make money already.
More about 247Fairs: Did you miss a recent trade fair? Well now you can see it online at Virtual exhibitions help save travel time, energy and bring people from different countries on the same platform. The site does not just show coverage of a fair but it also includes interviews of the exhibitors which make the virtual environment feel real. The website provides video’s of products in HD quality and works on the famous adage, “seeing is believing.”

Advantages of Online Video:
Exhibitor’s products are accessible to customers even after the exhibition has ended.
People from many cities cannot attend an event due to cost or their busy schedule, through online expo they can sit in their comfort and discuss about products with office staff.
At times people loose contact of the exhibitor, through expo archive they can contact the vendor.
One can identify who to meet and where to buy from, before going to the show.